Matamata AFC 2005 Senior Award winners

Club person
Malcolm Raynel (back right)
Outstanding club member Duncan Lowry (front right)
Personality John Massey (front centre)
Sportsmanship Natalie Gaskell (back left)
Veteran Player Gary Darkes (front left)
Senior Top Goalscorer Neil Slater (back centre)

1st team
Player of the Year
Andy Birchenough
Players Player Alberto Romero
Most Consistent All-round Player Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Most Improved Adam Graham
Top Goalscorer Scott Parsonage

Player of the Year
Peter Challis
Players Player Peter Challis
Most Improved Matt Monteith
Top Goalscorer Neil Slater

Player of the Year
Serena Jenkins
Players Player Kerrie McVeigh
Most Improved Kylie Ward & Annah Mason
Best Trainer Leah Higgins
Top Goalscorer Natalie Gaskell

Above Barry Simonsen accepts the Simmo Trophy from Neil Evans, General Manager of Force Three. The Simmo Trophy is awarded to the winners of the Waikato Premier League.

Above From left, Malcolm Raynel (Club Person of the Year), John Massey (Personality) and Nat Gaskell (Sportsmanship).

Above From left, Gary Darkes (Veteran Player), Neil Slater (Senior and Reserve Team top goal scorer) and Andy Birchenough (Swifts Player of the Year).

Above From left, Alberto Romero (Swifts Players' Player), Juan Carlos Rodriguez (Swifts Most Consistent All-Round Player) and Adam Graham (Swifts Most Improved Player).

Above From left, Scott Parsonage (Swifts Top Goalscorer), Kerrie McVeigh (Swifts Ladies' Players Player) and Annah Mason & Kylie Ward (Swifts Ladies Most Improved Players).

Above From left, Leah Higgins (Ladies Best Trainer), Nat Gaskell (Ladies Top Goalscorer) and Pete Challis (Swifts Reserve team Player of the Year and Players' Player).

Above From left, Matt Monteith (Swifts Reserve team Most Improved Player), Justin Read (Swifts Reserve team manager) and Nat Gaskell (Swifts Ladies player/coach).